Angela Bocage

Hair dysphoria

It is a time of so much horror and tragedy all over the world, even among my closest friends, yet I can still get bothered af about what my hair looks like. 🙄

Hold your head up high

It really irritates the assholes who want to keep you down.

Unexpected answers dept.

“I had to ask, ‘why were you pretending to be ponies during the fire drill?'”

“Because we thought it was a real fire!”

At vintage clothing store in Burlington, VT, asked why I was looking for tall white cowboy boots and a tight, spangled turquoise minidress with a fluttery skirt.  “Don’t worry,” she said, “I’ve heard it all.”  “They’re for a baton-twirling routine I’m performing for a funeral tomorrow,”  I answered truthfully. She was very helpful, I found both items, and rocked the funeral to the strains of “Let the Sunshine In” –but she admitted that she had not, in fact, heard that particular true statement before.


Plus, it’s good for you

Heard today from generally reliable NYer: Ginger lattes are exquisite.

No sunscreen

When any day could be one’s last, just enjoy sun without that awful smell and stinging eyes. Put a strong sunscreen on your exposed tattoos, of course.

Everyone can be a blessing

Some by arriving, others by departing.

Diana Vreeland was an expert

She was a highly influential Vogue editor who stated that: “any set of features can support beauty”

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