Angela Bocage

Murad’s excellent sunscreen

Sunscreen is not optional. Unfortunately, many sunscreen products either blind you painfully if you sweat (or even glow); cause breakouts; smell like wound dressing; or magically spawn what looks like pencil-eraser detritus when you try to apply foundation or blush over them. It does not help one’s quest to make one’s nacreous spouse wear the stuff when she gets to clear her throat, look grim, and point with sardonic reproach to the huge headlight on her nose after wearing it for just one day! Thus my appreciation for Murad’s Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 15 Sheer Tint is partly for all it isn’t.

On the positive side, its pomegranate-based formula is great for your skin: we know even oily skin needs hydration, which this product provides without any hint of greasiness–it even mattifies a reasonably oily complexion. Its  delicate, fresh scent is pleasant but unobtrusive. While the benefits of pomegranate are still being explored, the lovely results of this stuff may convince you to be part of the Continuing Pomegranate Research cohort. While I still love my Stila, Urban Decay, and other blushes, I don’t want or need foundation when I wear it because of how nice its light, creamy tint looks.  

My only wistful sigh: when I remember this product is only SPF 15. Sunscreen at this protection level really needs to be reapplied every two or three hours. As delicious as this one feels on your skin, that isn’t a hardship by any means, I just don’t always remember to do it. 


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