Angela Bocage

Laboratoire Remede sunscreen: hold your head high, though it be goopy

Laboratoire Remede is another highly recommended sunscreen, also available at, in light, medium and dark tints. Its silky liquid texture,  I admit, is different from most sunscreens, but if you can get used to shaking it up before use, you get SPF 30, a degree of coverage from fairly sheer to medium, a nice non-drying smoothness, and a mild degree of mattification. It’s not inexpensive, but hardly exorbitant. I consider it a much better value than drugstore brands because it’s highly effective against sun damage, doesn’t make your eyes miserable if you exercise reasonable care, and  its oil-free formula won’t give you breakouts to deal with later. I’ve actually come to like the goopy texture, finding it sensually similar to heavy dairy cream. So far have only used the fair and the medium tints, though, which correspond to my winter and summer skin, so if you use the dark formula, please let me know how it works for you. When I lived in New York I once had to put some on while waiting on the 14th Street 2-3 platform and some skanky Eurotrash heterosexuals were giving me the fisheye…but one must be brave and resolute in skincare, grasshopper.


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