Angela Bocage

A great haircut…without going to Manhattan?!

I miss Mudhoney, the tiny shop on Prince Street in Manhattan: it was there I first chopped off my long blonde locks last June and have never regretted it for a moment, my new style was so pretty and so universally complimented. Besides the talent of their staff, they also had a super pleasant environment, with loud punky music and funky/artsy decor; I’ve even gone back to Manhattan, from my current home Out in the Country, twice for more haircutting. But given my exhausting day job schedule, less schlepification is always welcome. Thus my delight in finding Becky, at American Mortals (see the link) on Walnut Street in Philadelphia. With a (very) short haircut, more maintenance rather than less is required–more maintenance, and a lot more often. I knew as soon as I saw Becky that she was much more compatible than the the weird older lady whose heinous botch-up of my color had caused me to run crying from a salon nearby AM–she has lots of lovely ink and spirited rock and roll style (her favorite bands are even listed on AM’s website). I took extra cards and told her I was going to be recommending her to all my friends…another plus, her workstation, naturally, has the best music!


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