Angela Bocage

Billings, Montana is certainly a fortunate place…

…to have Amanda Thomas, DVM, and Best Friends Animal Hospital and Urgent Care Center. Amanda is my younger sister, of whom I’m inordinately proud to say “my sister the vet,” and was extremely kind recently to a pup she’s never even met, my beloved Berry. Our vet found that the little guy has a heart murmur, which I feared at first had happened because of my homemade food. Amanda has showered me with sound scientific information on canine heart issues, and I was reassured to learn that dogs with such issues may have many active years left (and that my doggie recipes had nothing to do with it, Chin and other small dogs often develop heart murmurs). Our vet is quite terrific as well, but Berry’s follow-up couldn’t happen Friday because of a problem with their x-ray system. So we’re telling His Nibs that he’s to have a “spa day” Thursday with the lovely ladies and gentlemen of Doc Susan’s office, and will know more then about his condition. Til then, we’ll just be serene and give him this delicious anti-inflammatory medicine–don’t even need to hide it in peanut butter. And, again, you rock, Amanda!


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