Angela Bocage

Wife, child, dog and garden–what more could I ask? A great tattoo!

Ripe tomatoes with the tomatoey goodness one can’t find in the store (this side of Santa Cruz, CA)…fresh catnip that our felines love…cilantro, parsley, rosemary, peppermint, cayenne peppers, the odd beautiful flower, chamomile, and soon-to-be pumpkins and watermelons! As Peter Bagge’s Buddy Bradley said of sex, “It’s so easy and fun!” Gotta start clipping lots of the herbs to dry since it’s August already.

Unable to work on much besides the “farm,” because my precious son is here, looking all buff and amazing thanks to his hard work lifting and exercising, and we’re doing a lot more of that here. He’s kindly and patiently taught me everything I forgot from high school gym class about basketball, and I’m having fun playing it with him; even if I still have a tendency to cover my head and squeal if I don’t know where the ball flew to, if I stand where he tells me to I make lots and lots and lots of baskets! We’re also hiking and stretching and lifting weights, it’s great. His poetry gets better and better and better, and his latest chapbook Concrete Monkey is available from

And, since I last wrote, cardiologist Dr. Megan King has examined Berekiah-puppy’s heart and says his MVD is as yet unsymptomatic, so his activity’s unlimited and we’re back to doing puppy chasin’ and long walks; when he does, eventually, get symptoms of the disease, there are effective treatments available. So, extremely thankful and treasuring every day with the darlin’ puppyman.

Last weeked, unfortunately Robin couldn’t come, but I was up in the City, wanted to go see Mac MacGill’s show with the IEDs (Eric Blitz and Steven Wishnia) in LIC Brooklyn,  but didn’t wanna spend the day up dere witout da kid, so I came home after my morning meeting–in this beeeeyyooootiful art house in JC where my most wonderful tattoo artiste Denise de la Cerda ( did some lovely work on my right sleeve and I trimmed her dog, Tashi. Tashi-dog is like a smaller German Shepherd with the fur of a and size of cocker spaniel/sheltie and has the sweetest honeybrown eyes. Denise calls me Tashi’s biological mother cz when she was a tiny puppy being dumped on the JC pound, I happened to be volunteering the day we picked her and her littermates up. Damn, it was love, it was fate–she was Gabrielle for her 1st fifteen months, going to Hamilton Park in JC and Puppy Kindergarten at St. Hubert’s and playing with Berry all day all crazy; but Tashi means sump’m cool in Tibetan Buddhist, I forget what, so she’s Tashi now and she loves Mom Denise totally. She also behaves unbelievably way better for her than she used to for me–my spouse called her “the rocket without fins” when she was a puppy, but: she was a puppy, hello! So it was great to see her as well as the delightful Denise, even if Tash really didn’t like the trimmer. Biting at it, she reminded me of herself as a bitty pup biting at the hairdryer after her bath. Berry needs an adorable pal like that again!


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