Angela Bocage

D.I.Y. takes on new meaning! Or: a yam by any other name is just as sweet?

Brilliant lovely accomplished Spouse is lunching with her adorable distinguished top-attorney-in-all-the-land-in-her-specialty Mentor. Ms. Mentor is bemoaning the lack of quality help compared to way back when Miss Spouse was her law clerk.

Mentor: They give me people like “Bob” [probably not his real name]. He’s already bilged outta two other practice groups! Then they sent him to a satellite office. And the satellite office sent him back! Oy. I mean, he’s a sweet guy–”

Spouse: Hmm, when I was a wee lass, saying “sweet guy” in that tone was my Daddy’s way of intimating “dumb as a yam.”

Mentor: Ahh, but don’t insult the yams. They have growth potential!

So Don’t Insult the Yams is gonna be on a homemade t-shirt for my beloved. Don’t tell her! I put her on a secret “ridiculous t-shirt of the month plan” since she looks so adorable in them; “I failed driver’s ed,” with an upside down automobile; “I do all my own stunts” with a universal human symbol racing forward with its butt on fire; and The Da Vinci Cod: the Mona Lisa cradling a large fish. But this one I shall create myself.

(Although I must encourage everyone to support the wonderful science education site from which the Cod shirt comes. It’s got super great nature stuff and supports science education: We got one of our elderly aunties a lovely hummingbird totebag, and my son a glow in the dark bats hat. And I got a lovely black praying mantis hat and black praying mantis t-shirt, nostalgic for my brief career in the Praying Mantis Women’s Brigade. Viva Nikki! And viva science education!)


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