Angela Bocage

How strange is this?

Check out the Peel cars from the Isle of Man, they’re tiny and pretty darn adorable and totally resemble the cars my brother Michael Botkin wrote about in a utopian fictional San Francisco story he wrote and I illustrated in an old issue of Processed World! ( ) I do think they could be a bit less underpowered, howevs.

And just for the record, please understand, I HAVE. LOTS. of FUN. All I meant in my last post on myspace is that I haven’t had a lot of urban experiences in the city of Philadelphia. Okay? I mean, the Delaware River…canine, culinary, and antique flea market and vintage fashionista experiences in New Hope….chasing after waterfowl and farm animals with camera equipment all over Bucks County…..playing bass with amazing musicians in NYC (including a certain awesome girl harmony singer imported from Greater Philadelphia, aka my spouse!)!!!…..all manner of great things happening. Just not exactly in urban Philadelphia. Sigh. No offense, beloved wife. And after being in Manhattan today, you gotta admit, compared to the way Manhattan women dress/take care of themselves, Philadelphia…well…ain’t exactly Milan.


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