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One is highly recommended for endorphinizing ROTFLing…one just because

Down in the dumps, apathetic, downright glum? Pleeeease go to the land of mondegreens, I swear it makes me crumple helplessly laughing so hard it’s almost like a seizure, or a sea lion yelping in pain. Today in Whole-Paycheck-For-Foods, this adorably koala-bear-like li’l fella behind the fish counter was regaling my colleague and me with his no doubt highly-qualified theories on humor; the pun, he asserted, was the lowest form. He had a reason to be so assertive: he himself championed another reviled form of humor, the Fart Joke. Which, he told us, has a rich classical literary history, not only specifically citing Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, but directing us right to the fart of the matter, The Miller’s Tale and The Miller’s Wife’s Tale therein. Well, two people I love very much also champion the fart joke–one was known to have been the miscreant who placed the whoopie cushion under the PASTOR’s chair at a respected academic institution, first carefully adding a teaspoon of water for enhanced audio! But for me, humor’s pinnacle, at least in terms of making my ribs hurt, will always be the mondegreen, of which a Jimi Hendrix line misheard as “Excuse Me While I Kiss This Guy” is the iconic example. So if you’re at all interested in popular music, do check out the site; if you looked at it awhile ago, it’s also gotten a lot easier to get around.

Second, and there’s some ground I still have to cover to completely make sense of this one, the Stephenie (yes that’s how she spells it) Meyer series Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, has taken over the reading hearts and minds of dozens of extremely bright, articulate, mature professional young women at my workplace. It is most commonly compared to crack. It is wonderful. I felt like a latish adopter on this one, but after all I am in Philadelphia, so cut me some slack, and if you have any idea why this series is soooo addictive, delightful, fun, compulsive, etc., please to comment. I’ll give you some of my theories tomorrow, tonight I have to go to bed early for work.


The drifting of the brightly colored cards…

A bunch of different things today…First, thank you to everyone whose prayers and good wishes went out to my daughter. She’s all better, like the medieval villager who’d been turned into a newt. And NOBODY can do that Monty Python snippet like my amazing daughter! Second, how great is sleep? I can’t believe how much happier and more energetic and bursting with ideas I am when I actually get enough. Third, watch the moon every night, or morning if possible. Something totally beautiful and new will happen. It’s really really easy to access magic; I strongly urge you to listen to that crazy man Grant Morrison’s talk at the Disinformation event, it’s in several parts on youtube; I don’t understand things in EXACTLY the same way he does, not at all, but part of the point is, we don’t have to agree on the names of the deities, the best symbol for concept X, Y, or Z, the right words to say on the Solstice, whatever. You’re responsible to yourself for your beliefs and choices, not to anyone else, as I’m responsible to myself for mine. But by making those choices, finding our own beliefs and passions and balance, soooo much power and truth and potential and joy and efficacy is available. Fourth, my first purple rose, cultivar Melody Parfumee, bloomed today, magnificently, and its fragrance is a trip to heaven –so thanks again, reviled mulberry tree, for not crushing it, or me.

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