Angela Bocage

Comparison is only going to be depressing

Don’t compare the roller-coaster careen of one’s own life to anyone else’s. What seems devastating may well have saved you.

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  1. I haz a reader! My ex stopped by to bring some things I’d left, and meds for my dog, which was ever so kind of her. As though this were scandalous, she told me solemnly that she’d been told I’d written “a blog post about being able to live an autonomous life.” I laughed; someone actually read my blog! And talked about it with someone else! (Right there the story already meets the Dykes To Watch Out For cinema test!) Who was granting me the honor of word of mouth, of Buzz? I didn’t care and certainly bore no one ill will, but my ex, still trying, I suppose, to get me to buy into her disapprobation (aka the “ainchu shaaamed?!” position) refused to disclose. In a manner she’d surely describe as staunch. Anyhow, I was pretty amused; thanks for reading, o anonymous peeps! Talk among yourselves… 🙂

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