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Spring IS gonna come.

I’ll simply have to insist! A couple days in the last week when the snow had melted and I could walk along actual damp SIDEWALK…and then this last couple days’ vaunted blizzard being a “Feh, THAT you call a blizzard?!” sort of event for the now-ever-so-much-more hardy citizens who’ve been digging out from several feet, and I’m convinced. Yup. Spring! Maybe not THIS week, but…it’ll get here.

This spring at the Willliam Way center in Philadelphia my friend Pearlette Toussant is presenting a supremely cool event—which she’s already blackmailed me into attending because now that I’m dating again, girl has way too much inculpatory evidence which, while formally inadmissible as hearsay, could prejudice my case.*

On Tuesday, March 25 at 6:00, jumping off from the lobby of the center, to “Whet Your Appetite for Spring:” a walking tour of Philly’s Gayborhood to pick out all manner of places and things creatively includable in romantic spring date plans—but ahead of time so we’re not all frantic! Whee! This is also just a cool way for newcomers or visitors to Philadelphia to learn their way around and discover some amusing, healthy, fun and fascinating LGBTQ destinations, for Philadelphians of all tenures to meet nice people, and for everybody to enjoy.

*Anyone who knows me knows what a big lie that is; if I were a language I wouldn’t have a word for “overshare,” or “TMI”!** I love information! It’s all about the information…which reminds me to recommend, as well, Lisa Lutz’ shriekingly funny, like when you can’t help but yelp like a sea lion with laughter,  Curse of the Spellmans! A lot more than funny, too, in its unsparing but ultimately nonjudgmental portrayal of a most non-traditional family. (“Uh, I request Mal Blum’s ‘For Making Art’ song plizz, goin’ out to Lisa Lutz…”) I hope the first one, The Spellman Files, is as good, since I’ve accidentally ended up reading them out of order, but I’ll let you know when I read it, which WILL be as soon as possible!

(**In terms of MY life I’m like that proverbial open book, that is. Secrets told to me, I keep to the grave. Serious as an aneurysm about that.)


A new theme song for 2009! And happy Darwin Day!

My beloved friend blogging at More Madonna, Less Jesus has changed her format and has a lot of fantastic pictures of…of a nice WARM climate…with beaches…and, and clear sky…and people not all #$@! bundled up in down coats! Sigh. Weep. Anyway, she also shares a fine moment from…”her favorite local band.” The link is pretty much like so:

It’s great not to be afraid. Boy do I know it. Now I do, yes, I know what it’s like NOT to live in fear every day.  I am so thankful for that: to the spirits, and also my beloved partner. ❤ Once nobody can threaten you with pain or death—or, as cited by that wonderful band, Prove It, from More Madonna’s blog, crocodiles—how free is that? Of course I have sooo long a way to go, because even more than death and pain, I fear the graceful arachnid…I’m trying to either think of them as tiny oddly shaped scorpions  or sort of remember the old Superboy comics where Lana Lang became the Insect Queen (thanks, I believe, to a ray gun built by an old-familial-wizard figure, either her uncle or her dad?). She could become a human-size version of whatever insect a given danger required for its neutralization! I feel affectionate kinship with scorpions, bats, rats, snakes, and can’t fathom how people are afraid of them—which I realize is RIDICULOUS! LOLZ!!! But Lana learned that since she could also become crustaceans and spiders, at some point she realized she was The Arthropod Queen or something…it was all pretty goofy! Comics are great for helping overcome fear. As a tiny leetle Southern girl in second and third grades in P.S. 59 in Manhattan, afraid to talk because if I did I had teachers and students alike thinking I was kinda special cause my accent was pure,  I was sooo often absolutely bewildered…until my mom started taking me to Bill and Rose’s newsstand on 2nd Avenue and I started hiding Thor and Batman and Daredevil and Spidey and the Legion of Superheroes in my nasty horrible math books! I can still remember how wildly delightedly I would smile thinking of my comic books when I was that age. 😀  😀  😀

One is highly recommended for endorphinizing ROTFLing…one just because

Down in the dumps, apathetic, downright glum? Pleeeease go to the land of mondegreens, I swear it makes me crumple helplessly laughing so hard it’s almost like a seizure, or a sea lion yelping in pain. Today in Whole-Paycheck-For-Foods, this adorably koala-bear-like li’l fella behind the fish counter was regaling my colleague and me with his no doubt highly-qualified theories on humor; the pun, he asserted, was the lowest form. He had a reason to be so assertive: he himself championed another reviled form of humor, the Fart Joke. Which, he told us, has a rich classical literary history, not only specifically citing Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, but directing us right to the fart of the matter, The Miller’s Tale and The Miller’s Wife’s Tale therein. Well, two people I love very much also champion the fart joke–one was known to have been the miscreant who placed the whoopie cushion under the PASTOR’s chair at a respected academic institution, first carefully adding a teaspoon of water for enhanced audio! But for me, humor’s pinnacle, at least in terms of making my ribs hurt, will always be the mondegreen, of which a Jimi Hendrix line misheard as “Excuse Me While I Kiss This Guy” is the iconic example. So if you’re at all interested in popular music, do check out the site; if you looked at it awhile ago, it’s also gotten a lot easier to get around.

Second, and there’s some ground I still have to cover to completely make sense of this one, the Stephenie (yes that’s how she spells it) Meyer series Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, has taken over the reading hearts and minds of dozens of extremely bright, articulate, mature professional young women at my workplace. It is most commonly compared to crack. It is wonderful. I felt like a latish adopter on this one, but after all I am in Philadelphia, so cut me some slack, and if you have any idea why this series is soooo addictive, delightful, fun, compulsive, etc., please to comment. I’ll give you some of my theories tomorrow, tonight I have to go to bed early for work.

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