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Oh noes it was puppy war! Plus more on the Pembrokes…

I received the unsettling news today that two puppies I know by their photographs and the enthusiastic reports from their uncle, Napoleon and Dutch, a brace of spirited golden red mini-dachshund adopted brothers, were not seeing eye to eye. My friend their uncle emailed me that Dutch had “attacked” Napoleon. Over chewy playthings. But but but….if there are fewer chewy playthings than puppies, I reasoned, will not some healthy exercise of puppy muscle ensue?? I was apparently in denial. The bite on the Napoleonic noselet was described as “ugly.” Now, I am wanting to think, ze dachshund, thees eez a scrappy dog, non? I am again wanting to minimize, in the tiny space of my own mind–that very very tiny space–any inter-puppy unpleasantness. But here, I suppose, is the question–is the dachshund, included, here in the States, in the HOUND group, who knows why (–but the Norwegian Elkhound is, I most strongly suspect, in there by sheer translation error, the “hund” part just meaning “dog” in the Norway and the Elk anyway not even meaning Elk as we know them at all but Moose)–a hound?? A laid-back-less’n-ah’m-huntin’, sprawlin’ in the sunshine, lovin’ them other canines in mah pack, big-ol’-voiced, HOUND?? Or perhaps—since the other part of the word “dachshund” refers to their being employed hunting badgers, who live in burrow-like-thingies called setts—in fact terriers??? I must find the answer, and will report back.

The Corgis I mentioned seeing last night in their canine-Oscar-winning performance were Pembroke Corgis, sweet little blacknosed golden-and-white-faced ones. As the old saying goes, “The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is the one with the tail. The Pembroke is the one with the Queen of England.” Something about how that statement works linguistically has always just flat out delighted me. While, as you can see, I had lots of discussion over my injudicious, premature and oh just perhaps a tad over-the-top criticism of Mr. Jeff Sharlet’s Rolling Stone article (I mean it now babies, no stealing his book! When it comes out purchase it or get your library to order, yes!) , no one wrote about the Corgles until now. Apparently there’s a wonderful book called Noble Hounds and Dear Companions about ALL the dogs the British royals have been involved with, and it includes a mention of the oh so most noble and *fluffical!!!* Japanese Chin! And here is a link to some its pictures. Thanks ever so, y’all!

Click here: Telegraph | Picture Gallery | ROYAL DOGS


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