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If you needed any more reasons to love Hayden-Harnett…

Just got their email saying they’re stepping up their whimsical-in-name, serious-in-results “Friends of Al” project, offering anyone who buys their Friend of Al shopping tote 20% off the rest of their order. In addition, out of the very reasonable $55 price for the sturdy and pretty tote, $25 goes to organizations fighting global warming–plus, our Hayden-
Harnett friends will plant ten trees. Well, bravo again, Toni and Ben–not only for creating your line of gorgeous, timeless, beautifully well-made, imaginative, and did I mention gorgeous, bags, but also for making them in such beautiful colors, and even more for using real girls as your models, featuring Py the Cat on your website, taking dreamlike pictures and sharing them, and now, supporting one of the most serious concerns facing the planet.

And, dear readers, even if you don’t share my purse passion, my bag besottedness, Hayden-Harnett make a lot of other cool stuff (e.g., clothing, jewelry, wallets, eyeglass cases) as well, and you shop–everybody has to shop–so use their birdy-dreamish green and natural canvas bag instead of paper, or plastic.


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